It is sometimes difficult to see the spectacular damage human activity and pollution have on the environment. However, the evidence is there: natural disasters, droughts, animal species in danger of extinction, deforestation and forest fires … So many events that we see on the television news without really knowing how to contribute and how to save the planet.

Acting for the environment can no longer be an option and we must step up the right actions now to protect our planet, before it is too late. If you’re wondering how to actually save the world, here are some good resolutions you can take without further ado.

Acting for the environment

Protecting the planet from pollution begins with rational consumption on a daily basis, and more specifically: consuming better and less. Currently, plastic and electronic waste that accumulates on land and in the sea is becoming a real problem with no way out. This is why it is important to act, reduce, recycle, repair and reuse our goods. To fight against overconsumption and protect nature, let’s turn to the reconditioning of restored and re-used objects, especially for our electronic or textile purchases. The diversion of objects for a second life is increasingly practiced and accessible to help save the earth. Let’s also pay more attention to recycling our waste through selective sorting, simple gestures to save the planet that allow ecological companies to recycle waste. Saving the planet also involves our food and anti-waste consumption. Not everyone can live in self-sufficiency, but better management of natural resources is possible in other ways. For example, by contributing to a participatory vegetable garden in town, by buying fresh and local products, or by favoring anti-overfishing and overconsumption brands. The environment is not the only victim, the agricultural sector is also suffering from the consequences of overconsumption, as evidenced by the many abandoned farms.

It is becoming urgent to implement better regulation of animal exploitation and animal slaughter. Let us fight alongside the associations that today claim to be anti-battery breeding and anti-industrial breeding, for the benefit of more animal-friendly methods. And also support those anti-conventional crop farmers who seek to minimize their impact on the environment. Moreover, biodiversity and the animals that develop there also deserve to be preserved, they are the first victims of the destruction of their natural environments. It is possible to financially support the creation of animal refuges, reserves or natural parks that facilitate the reintroduction of species into natural or wild environments, or even associations that promote the regeneration of biotopes. For example, we have been able to reintroduce the bear in the Pyrenees or replant coral cuttings to strengthen biodiversity and encourage nature to take back its rights. In summary, there are many possible actions to protect nature, flora and fauna, and thus help save our environment. So the next time we walk past an environmental awareness poster, let’s stop for a moment and save the planet for the planet, and the living things that inhabit it.

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