What loans and financial aid exist for eco-responsible projects?

In order to accelerate the development of eco-responsible projects, numerous aids and subsidies are now available to support project leaders. Several types of funding and aid can come from the State and European organizations, but also from banks and foundations, as well as crowdfunding facilitated by the web.

More and more companies are embarking on an environmental or sustainable development approach, either to launch new products that are more respectful of the environment, or to completely transform their current operation. On the other hand, we are also seeing the birth of many projects in favor of environmental protection or with a social dimension, whether they are carried out by associations, startups or citizens.


The environment has become a promising market and banks are no longer hesitating to support projects that they consider relevant and promising. It is true that we can still wonder about the ethics of banks on environmental issues, especially traditional banks.

Other more recent banks make a significant contribution to the acceleration of environmental projects and willingly grant loans, whether it is to finance the installation of eco-responsible equipment at home, to launch a local ecological initiative or to bring a business into it. era of sustainable development.


If you have an environmental project, you can also turn to the relevant governmental and European institutions. Faced with the climate emergency, ecological transition grants support and finance the investments necessary for eco-responsible projects, such as the Ademe department (the Ecological Transition Agency). It studies positive impact projects and grants aid to businesses, communities, associations and organizations in favor of ecology.

We could also cite the regional and general councils, but also BPI France, the public investment bank which accelerates the development of innovative companies and projects, and in particular environmental initiatives. The European Commission, for its part, provides support by granting aid for sustainable development for promoters of private or public projects.


The interest of foundations in eco-responsible projects is no longer to be proven. Many foundations continue to emerge with the aim of taking concrete action in favor of the environment and the planet, or of financing other ecological projects in the same direction.

It is therefore possible to respond to calls for projects or obtain aid and subsidies to finance your environmental project. All foundations and calls for projects can be found on the Foundation de France website.


We are seeing more and more the development of participative funding to save the planet, otherwise known as crowdfunding. It allows you to finance all or part of your eco-responsible project, with the help of private investors wishing to support the project.

Crowdfunding for eco-responsible projects has seen strong growth in recent years and many crowdfunding platforms specialize in this area. In addition, crowdfunding potentially makes it possible to obtain funds very quickly depending on the virality of the fundraising campaign and the interest of Internet users in the project.

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